Furniture Removals

Doncaster Removals & Storage (Mitcham, VIC) provides local Furniture Removals in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs for residences with two to six bedrooms. No matter how many furniture pieces or items you will need to transport, we can assist you with the handling, loading, storing, and shipping. Moving people is our primary motto in Doncaster Removals, so we go above and beyond to make your move comfortable and convenient.

Our Unique Vaule Proposition: The only Furniture Removalist Since 1920

As a fourth-generation business, Doncaster Removals & Storage has been servicing customers since 1920. Through decades of experience in the moving industry, we can guarantee that our team has adequate knowledge, skill, and dependability to carry out the jobs assigned to them. Our ultimate goal is to get rid of the inconveniences typically associated with moving, and we do this by placing customer needs at the top of our priority.

Place Your Trust in Us

No matter what type of furniture you are transporting, we make sure to handle them with maximum care. We know how valuable furniture pieces can be for our customers, so we use only the best quality materials and most efficient packing processes to protect your items from shocks and movement. If you entrust us with the task of being your Removalist, we can assure you of the following:

  • Specialised and protective packing supplies
  • Custom-fitted crates for antique or delicate pieces
  • Prompt service to meet moving deadlines
  • Service rates that provide the best value for your money
  • Reliable team of consultants

Booking a Removal

Before committing to a Removalist company, we understand that budget may be one of your concerns. As such, you can get a free online quote without the obligation to commit. Fill out our online form to get a rough quote and get more information about a pre-move survey. Although not required, it would be advisable to schedule a home visit with our moving consultants, so they can provide you with a more accurate price for the removal. The visit will allow us to survey the volume of items that need to be transported, so we know how many vehicles will be needed.

If you decide to hire us after receiving a quotation, we will assist you with the necessary procedures and continue to tend to your inquiries. Once you have concrete details on your moving, you can confirm your booking with us. From that point on, our team will be in constant communication with you to ensure everything is proceeding smoothly and you are satisfied with the quality of the services. If you have any concerns or problems with handling of furniture or packing of items, do not hesitate to inform us about them.

After the packing process is finished, we will send vehicles to load your boxes. Before taking off, we will provide you with a form detailing the inventory of your items, along with a corresponding condition on their condition. Signing the form will serve as an authorisation for us to proceed with loading and transportation.

Once you have officially moved into your new home, you can contact us, so we know when to deliver your packages to your place. In case you also want us to unpack the boxes, it will help to provide us with a home layout, so we know where exactly to place your items. Upon delivery, we advise all our customers to perform a thorough inspection to make sure they received all their furniture and items in good condition. Look out for any damage or scratches caused by the transport, and inform your moving consultant about it.

We understand that the process may sound complicated for you if you are moving out for the first time. However, our reliable team of consultants will make sure to guide and inform you of each step. Likewise, we promise to offer you unbiased opinions about the services that we feel will best suit your needs or situation.

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