About Us

Doncaster & Donvale Storage and Removals is a true blue Aussie family-owned 4th generation business, established since 1920, with a strong passion of moving people within Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs.

Whilst Furniture Removals is the core of our services, we offer packaging service, packing materials, and have a well maintained ‘furniture storage’ facility to help our customers to store their furniture and other household belongings as and when required, whilst they move.

a) Our Unique Value Proposition to our Customers

There’s no other Furniture Removalist in Melbourne (or Australia) that has worked with so much passion & dedication, moving people for the last four generations. Our 4th generation family business speaks volume, when it comes to ‘Removal experience’ for our customers, how to understand the hard work, professionalism and commitment that it takes to relocate customers, ensuring no stress, no damage, and professional guide. Unlike other sub-standard moving companies with very little experience, knowledge or professionalism, or care for the goods, we take the most correct approach, which has placed Kennedy Removals at the forefront of other removals companies.

You will therefore find that, dealing with Leon Kennedy, will give you an unparalleled & unique experience, and one that you will remember for many years. It is for this reason, that our customers return to us for a repeat removals service, and moreover highly recommends us to their family & friends. Our business has therefore relied and grown through recommendations (word of mouth).

Leon, the current and legendary owner of their 4th generation family-owned business loves moving people in general (residential customers). Not only does he enjoy moving every type of family in Melbourne (residential customers), he has an extra passion of moving seniors or those young at heart, as he understands their needs with great attention to detail.

b) So what type of homes do we move?

We move residential homes from 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms or even up to six bedrooms large homes in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. We service any suburbs within the Eastern Suburbs region, and some surrounding areas.


Our services include Furniture Removals, supplying (free delivery & pickup) packing material, removal boxes and other packaging material, packing your goods, etc.


Ideally located in Melbourne, we offer storage facility in Mitcham (Melbourne Eastern Suburb), for warehousing your furniture or other household goods at a very affordable rate.


c) What to do next?

That said, you can contact Leon and discuss your moving requirements, so he can assess the work and provide you with a quote that you will hopefully find more than reasonable.


d) Get in touch now

To get in touch, please contact Leon by either of the following options:

Call (03) 9842 3148

OR enquire via our Contact page


e) Our Specialisation 

Please note, our specialty is “the way we handle the entire Removal service, with a personalised touch, to give our customers an experience they’ll not get anywhere else”.  


f) Your Removal needs & Budget

We serve families based on their individual needs and budgets, so we ensure that your move is not only “personalised” with our “caring services tailored to each of our customers”, but also within budget, stress free, delivered with no issues.


g) Moving may be challenging, but we love our job

We know that moving can be a stressful and an exhausting task, especially if you have to move many things to your new place. The actual move-in itself already comes with multiple challenges, such as physically demanding tasks like moving furniture and large items or packing your belongings. Apart from that, there is also the challenge of settling into your new home, making changes to your daily routines, and adjusting to the new community. As a result, we, at Doncaster & Donvale Storage & Removals aim to lift the burden off your shoulders by helping you through every step of the moving process.


More than moving furniture and loading boxes onto trucks, we are committed to helping our customers transition into their new homes by making the process as smooth and seamless as possible. We work closely with each of our customers to understand their needs and provide them with a service that’s above & beyond, exceeding your expectations. Whether your moving needs are simple and extensive, we can assure you that Leon and his team of professional moving men can assist you with them.


h) Moving People, Not Just Furniture

At Doncaster & Donvale Storage and Removals, we believe in moving people and families, rather than moving furniture. We place value in building “customer relationships” and providing utmost care to all our clients through our expertise, knowledge, and commitment. Relocating to a new place can come with sentimental baggage, making the process more emotional than it may seem. Whatever your reasons for moving may be, the change brought about by moving can trigger different responses. With our philosophy in mind, you can be assured that we will help our customers with every aspect of the move.


Having apprehension and concerns about moving is completely natural, especially since you will need to adjust to changes in your new place. As such, we strive to eliminate the stress, hassle, and pressure involved in moving. Given our attention-to-detail with customer-centered approach, Doncaster & Donvale Storage and Removals believes that moving to a new home can be made into a memorable experience for you and your family. Thus, we aim to help each of our customers execute all the necessary preparations, adjust to the changes, and enjoy the process of moving to their new homes.


i) Trust and Loyalty Built Over the Years

Throughout the 90 years of providing Removals services in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, we have had customers come back to have us, assist them whenever they move from places to places. It is because of our clients that we continue to emphasise our motto of “moving people”, with the hope of leaving a positive moving experience on each of them, and we commit ourselves to continue providing quality service for families.

j) Why do our customers always choose us?

  • We are not expensive, but rather affordably reasonable
  • We care for people, their moral values, and their furniture
  • We have been the only company in all of Australia to be moving furniture for over 90 years
  • Our family is a living proof of sustaining our Removals business for 4 generations
  • We supply deliver removal boxes and material for free


What more can you ask!

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